Wheatfield Family Dentistry is a Western NY family dental practice.


Our dentists serve the dental needs for patients from North Tonawanda, Wheatfield, Lewiston, Niagara Falls, Tonawanda, Amherst to Buffalo, New York. Come in to learn about our practice and also different dental procedures.


Wheatfield Family Dentistry is a prevention oriented family practice. With regular preventative care such as exams, cleanings and x-rays, we are able to detect small problems before they require more extensive treatment. Our philosophy is that by treating decay and gum disease early, more extensive emergency type treatment can be avoided.


What to Expect

    On your first visit with Wheatfield Family Dentistry, Dr. Casacci administers an exam to establish existing dental work and determines if additional dental procedures are needed. She then creates a "Treatment Plan," which is a description of the recommended work that is needed to bring the patient up to good dental health standards. The doctor will explain what each recommendation entails. If a patient has either existing tooth decay or periodontal disease, they must be addressed first before extensive crowns, bridges, or partials are made. The only exception would be a patient with aesthetic concerns such as a broken front tooth. WFD uses only mercury free filling materials to restore teeth to their natural tooth colored beauty.



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